Where to buy great frames for your football art prints and posters

Where to buy great frames for your football art prints and posters

Where to buy great frames for your football art prints and posters

We’re often asked where to get hold of frames for football art, so we thought it would be a good idea to post a blog here with some general advice and guidance. Say you’ve spent decent money on a great piece of football art, either for yourself, or to give as a gift. The last thing you need is a poor frame or something that will fall apart after a few years.

There are loads of framing choices on the market, but we’ve outlined here some of the best we have found at a reasonable price. These are frames and framers we have used over many years, so we know they are good and we go back to these regularly for our frames.

When choosing a frame, you have two basic options, frame with a mount and frame without a mount. It really depends on the look you are going for. A classic look requires a mount, whereas if you like a contemporary look, go for a thin frame profile without a mount.


Where to buy great frames for your football art prints and posters


Many of our print sizes are standard international ‘A’ sizes and frames can be found available for A sizes generally. We recommend the following frames and frame websites.

Nielsen Pearl
In our opinion, these are the best frames if you want to frame without a mount (see above example). They are off-the-shelf frames, so no customisation, which also means you can get them delivered fairly quickly. They come in all the A sizes up to A1. They are excellent quality for a reasonable price. For the smaller frames you can also choose between glass and acrylic glazing. The larger frames only have acrylic for safety reasons. We have used lots of these frames over the years and they look great if you are going for the contemporary look.

You can get Nielsen Pearl frames from the Best4Frames website.

This company is very good and offer full customisation of your frame, so you can choose the frame profile type, material, mount colour and so on. They are great if you would like a custom size frame and frames with mounts. You will pay more as they are customised, but the quality is superb. The main image above is from these guys and it was made to order.


Another option is to visit your nearest Hobbycraft store. They usually have lots of frame options and mounts, so you can pick and choose what you like. They have standard mounts to fit A size prints. We haven't tried them, but from frequent visits to the store for studio supplies (and stuff for the kids) they look like a great option. An advantage of this is that you can touch and feel the various options to get an idea of the quality.


In summary, go for a slim black frame if you would like a contemporary modernist look and a wood frame with a mount for a more classic look. Glass is always better than acrylic glazing as it's easier to clean and images can appear more crisp, but for frames above A2, acrylic glazing is safer.