All artists and designers that have their work displayed on this website share a common love for the great sport of football. Their work represents the passion and commitment they have to making great art for fans. They are all fans themselves and know that fans have an appetite for artwork that reflects the culture of their club. Artwork that is beautifully crafted and designed, in a way that is not made available by any of their clubs. This online gallery is a platform for their creativity and a way for them to connect and engage with fans. It is a reflection of the cultural significance football has for designers as a means to express themselves and create art for fans.

All artwork on this website is
unofficial and none of it is associated with any football club or sporting organisation. No artist or designer on this website claims that their work is official.

Intellectual property
Each artist and designer has made efforts to avoid using trademarks on the actual artwork in respect of the represented club. If any artwork is found to breach any registered trademarks, please report it to us and we can investigate it. In the event of a reported breach, we will request to the artist or designer to amend their artwork in accordance with the specific IP requirements. If the artwork is in breach and cannot be amended, it will be removed immediately from this website. Compliance is very important to us, so we will work with you on behalf of the artists and designers to ask them to make the necessary and required changes.

We understand that intellectual property issues are a minefield in sport, especially football as there are thousands of football clubs. Some may have IP registrations and some may not, some may have very specific IP protection and some with a few registrations. Football clubs have many name permutations and naming conventions, some are registered and some may not be. As a result, artists and designers are unable to know precisely where or when breaches are made.

Each artist and designer on this website retain their individual copyright to their original work. It must not be copied in any way. The artwork must not be reproduced from this website without permission from the respective artist.

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