Good Team On Paper

No matter the sport, every team has it’s own unique story; the moments that define them, both the highs and the lows. We believe that story can be told through the kits that were worn in these iconic moments.

Our project began when we explored the history of our own hometown football club (Up The Boro!). Re-discovering the kits of our team’s past brought back memories of the players that wore them, the goals they scored and the matches they won. We found that others were hit with the same nostalgia.

We set out to illustrate the most classic kits, down to the last detail. The colours, patterns, sleeves and collars were all recreated by hand. Individually, they each depicted one moment in time for the club, but together, as a single piece of design, they represented the rich history of the team.

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See the Club Moments collection (coming soon)