Jamie Orrell Design

Jamie Orrell Design is the design studio of Graphic Designer Jamie Orrell. Born in 1991 in the North East he studied Sports Journalism at the University of Sunderland before getting a job as a football writer at an international publishers in Bath.

From there Jamie transitioned into a design role working with clients such as The PFA, Tesco, Canon, ODEON Cinemas and more. As part of his role he began creating illustrations for those clients and soon Jamie Orrell Design was born centring on his passion for football.

Since starting Jamie Orrell Design in late 2019 he has worked with clients such as These Football Times, The Sideliner, Epics Collectibles and The Football Boutique.

Jamie specialises in illustrations of football’s greats and his most recent project picks out the legends of some of the biggest clubs in the world beginning with Barcelona and Juventus, with more to follow…

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