Jonathan Costall, Linocuts

Since finishing my MA in Fine Art Printmaking at Wimbledon School of Art in 2005, I have gone through several different artist phases but I have returned to my first love, linocut printing.

What I enjoy about working with linocut is that you can easily go wrong, and that’s what makes it so satisfying. It takes a lot of concentration because once its cut then that’s it! I can’t stick it back down again. Don’t get me wrong I can work around minor mistakes to correct them to some extent. But it is the tiny imperfections which give my work a handmade feel and I think that is what I like about the process the best, that you can see my hand in the work.  For me that is the main difference between my work and an artist working in just digital. Too often all the rough edges get airbrushed out using digital.

As a lifelong Leicester City fan, I was inspired by the team’s title winning season to combine my duel passions of art and football to produce a series of player portraits. Making these portraits re-ignited my passion for printmaking and recently I have started a series of work looking at greats of the game.

I currently live in Leicester and currently work full time as a Senior Art Technician in a Secondary school.

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