The Football Gallery

The Football Gallery is a new virtual gallery set up and run by Dinkit. Our aim is to bring together like-minded football creatives of all types in one place on the web. A place where people can browse, admire, enjoy and buy football art and design of the highest standard.

We are looking for illustrators, typographers, photographers, printmakers, creators of football/design related books and zines to become part of The Football Gallery.

If you think your work fits the bill and you want to be part of an outstanding and fast-growing football creative collective, we’d love to hear from you.


How it works

Dinkit is the platform for your football art and design. You created your amazing work, it's your baby, so it's only right that you manage how it's printed and packaged and delivered to customers.

What we do
We manage the product listings and customer transactions. When we get an order, we send the details to you, once you have fulfilled the order, let us know and we send dispatch details to the customer.

What you do
You decide what you charge for your work and postage. You fulfill the order, send it out in your own branded packaging. We request an invoice from you at the end of each month based on any sales you have made. We pay out within 1 working day of receiving your invoice.

What will it cost?

There is no fee to sign up. We work on a traditional art commission rate. Typical rates are 25%, but we take 15% of any sale. We pay you monthly, our commission is deducted from the total revenue from your sales.


Q. How much does it cost to join?
A. Nothing.

Q. How much commission do you take from sales?
A. 15 percent

Q. Do you print the artwork?
A. No. All artwork is printed and fulfilled by the designer/artist.

Q. When do I get paid?
A. We pay out on a monthly basis by bank transfer.

Q. Do I need to sign a contract?
A. No contracts. If you decide it’s no longer for you, we will settle anything we owe to you and remove your work from the gallery.


Promoting the gallery

Dinkit is a well-established brand in the football art and design field. We’ve been around since 2012. We have been creating and selling football artwork and publications around the world since we started and learned a lot about the process along the way.

Our work has been featured in The Guardian Gift Guide, Soccerbible, Creative Boom and twice in the international football magazine FourFourTwo. We were shortlisted for an International D&AD award in 2019 for our PlayerType football book.

We use our social channels, especially Instagram and Twitter to let people know about new additions to The Gallery and share information about the new contributors.

We have individual profile pages on the website where you can tell your story and highlight your work. Each artist/designer will have a dedicated ‘Collections’ section in The Gallery under their own name or brand.

We will be creating a printed publication that will showcase your work. These will go out with all Dinkit orders to drive people back to the Dinkit website. The publication will highlight all the contributors’ work and include their profiles.

We encourage all contributors to actively promote The Gallery through sharing on social media. The more traffic we get to The Gallery, the more chance people will see and buy your work.

What is the selection process?

Our aim is to have the very best football art and design in The Football Gallery. It needs to be a curated collection of outstanding work. We’re always actively scouting around and we invite you to join if we like the work you do.

If you know of any other artists and designers that would be interested in joining, please let us know.