The team

There’s just two of us playing up-front for Dinkit. We're Matt and Claire, both graphic designers, one with a lifelong passion for football and an appreciation for all sports, and the other with a love for all things creative. You can buy our products here on our website, on Amazon Handmade and on If you'd like to collaborate with us on a football project, get in touch here.


In 2012, we decided to set up a creative business that combined our love of football and design as a 'side-project' to our day-to-day design practice (, working with clients on branding and marketing projects. This side-project became 'Dinkit', a creative football brand that has thoughtful and crafted design at the heart of it.

Football has a unique global culture. We think every fan deserves to have a piece of great design, so we aim to reach all fans with our products, young and old, across all cultures, from the staunch and seasoned travellers, to the committed armchair types. It's football art and design for all fans.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions, you can get in touch by email: